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Corporate Social Responsibility

Winning Smiles...Supporting lives

"The corporate social responsibility found a place in the corporate lexicon in 2006 when Mr. Raju Gupta espoused the trusteeship concept of investing a portion of the company's profit for the larger good of society for many years, R.S Enterprises (Regd.) has worked in the hinterlands of India to better the quality of life of the unprivileged sections of society" .

Today we reach out to hundreds of people in the villages of whom more than 60% live below the poverty line. Their needs include: access to water, health care, education and food .these four areas form the focus of our efforts.

We work in partnership with NGO's to provide these necessities and encourage social reform.

Focus Areas

Health care :

  • Regular health camps: Providing Family planning, mother and child care and specialized camps for eye care and cataract, coordinating regular pulse polio Immunisation drives;and promoting the awareness, prevention and treatment of malaria, water-borne diseases, TB, HIV/AIDS, and other diseases.


  • Merit scholarship: Supporting female students for educational and endeavours

  • Education support: Contributing textbooks and class room stationary to the children.
  • Free meals programme : We provide free meals to the students studying in schools in rural areas to encourage education.

Women Empowerment:

  • SHG activities: micro credit schemes for entrepreneurship building, tailoring centres, horticulture and natural gardens , food processing etc.
  • Awareness building: Health & sanitation , family planning, literacy drives and microfinance; facilitating government’s loans for small scale enterprise etc.