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Working at R.S. Enterprises ( Regd.)

"The best time to improve or start something is Right now ! The previous best was yesterday but the next best is Right Now!!"

- Mr.Raju Gupta ( Founder & CEO )

This is the essence of RK foils approach in business area and commitment to people as we strive to attract, energise, develop and retain a talented and diverse workforce. At RK foils, we are always looking for talent, driven by the commitment and passion to achieve and excel. We offer our employees everything they need to reach their full potential. At the core are the Group values of integrity, commitment, passion, seamlessness and speed which combine with our vision to be the best in our business area.

RK foils vertical and horizontal integration in the Aluminium Foil Industry offers opportunities for a range of employment positions. The company invites employees their talent and hardworks.

We are one of the leading aluminium foil producers, but there's always room for improvement in an environment that is both demanding and challenging. We are looking for employees who are motivated to meet challenges and contribute to lead us further down the path of continual improvement.